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Top 100 Heavy Metal Sites  [Rate it]

Metal Maniac Top 100  [Rate it]

Metal Top 100  [Rate it]

Cronic's Top 100 Metal Sites  [Rate it]

Top 100 Brutal as Fuck sites  [Rate it]

RockNetWorld Top 100 Rock & Metal Websites  (Rating: 1 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

The Top 25 No Crap Sites  [Rate it]

Temple Of Doom Metal Top 50  [Rate it]

The Monolith Top 50  [Rate it]

Top 100 Heavy As Hell Sites  [Rate it]

Metal Music Promotions Top 50  [Rate it]

Come to hell top 100  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

The Mosh Pit Top 50  [Rate it]

Metalview's Top 100 Metal Sites  [Rate it]

Death Metal Central  [Rate it]

Sacrificial Screams Top 100  [Rate it]

TopMusique - Hard/Metal  [Rate it]

HNB Metal Top Sites  [Rate it]

Swedish Metal Top 25 Metalsites  [Rate it]

Pirate Top Sites  [Rate it]

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