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Beatles Desktop Theme  (Rating: 4 - Votes: 3)  [Rate it]

Sgt. Pepper's Windows95 Theme  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Yellow Submarine Cursor  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Erasure Cowboy Theme  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Homepage of the Windows95 Plus! Erasure cowboy theme.

Grand Funk Win95 Desktop Depot  [Rate it]

Grand Funk Railroad desktop themes and screensavers along with concert photos from yesterday and today.

Information Society Theme Pack  (Rating: 1 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Get the Insoc theme made for the upcoming album ",, 1466,"Korn95

Oasis Desktop Theme for Windows95  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it] Wallpapers  [Rate it]

Thousands of wallpapers of your favorites music bands and artist from a wide variety of music genres: rock, pop, dance, 80s music, reggae, soul, etc. Different sizes: 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024...

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