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Magnetic Field Recordings (radio show)  [Rate it]

MPEG and MOD Music from Vector Zer+ Productions  [Rate it]

Mikes mod, s3m, it, xm Music page  [Rate it]

CHaNKies MOD Page  [Rate it]

CyberSpace Emporium  [Rate it]

Hawk on the moon  [Rate it]

My World In Music  [Rate it]

This page is dedicated to techno music; It contains very good quality.xm files from trance to acid.

Rock Storm  [Rate it]

This website is full of midi & mod files and full of all my favorite links.

keitel - soul, fuck and seventeen  [Rate it]

Beatnologic WebHQ  [Rate it]

Check the Beatnologicaljazzyflexysexy sounds.

Zan's Tracks  [Rate it]

Great site great musician.

ucpzone  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Over 160 releases online. Pure quality hardcore music !

Josh's Music Archive  [Rate it]

Borgans Fasttracker Page  [Rate it]

My own xm-mods and mp3.

Aze Muzac Page  [Rate it]

Xm modules by Aze (Hampus Ahlsen).

Fab Trax - over 600 tracks available now!  [Rate it]

Fab Trax is a growing archive of 'scene-related' music done by current and ex-trackers. Features include compo pages, super-fab track lists, individual composer pages, track comments, etc. Well organized and frequently updated! FT is here to stay!

Maniacs of Noise - Music Download Site.  (Rating: 7.50 - Votes: 2)  [Rate it]

Free downloadable music modules from the Maniacs of Noise!

The MODZone  [Rate it]

Maniacs of Noise - Free Music!

Le site de Flyman  [Rate it]

Raptor's Place  [Rate it]

Should mostly be music in XM, MP3 but whattaheck, javas, gfx, links, etc... is also here...

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