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Carpe Mortem  (Rating: 8 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Hundreds of links to Gothic/Industrial bands, labels, and other interesting things.

Ed Klein's Database  (Rating: 7.67 - Votes: 3)  [Rate it]

Attempts to catalog every official release, side-project and compilation appearance by the entire industrial/gothic music collective. Visually unappealing, informationally essential.

Black Page For A Gothic Banshee  [Rate it]

Banshee's Guide to Gothic.

Gotham Nights  [Rate it]

Norwegian goth clubs and bands.

Gothic Dome  [Rate it]

Many interesting Links for Gothic-Freaks.

Gothic Music Handbook  [Rate it]

I started this project because i thought we needed a book that was a little more informative than 'Gothic Rock' by Mick Mercer. It's an entertaining book, but actually getting any information out it can be a pain. it is being written by fans, for potentia

Gothic: A Dark and Wondrous World  [Rate it]

History of gothic.

LAgoth-L  [Rate it]

Mailing list for gothic and industrial esoteria.

Mr. Sister  [Rate it]

Gothic/industrial music, gothic/vampire poetry, artwork.

Random Goth Lyric Generator (R.G.L.G.)  [Rate it]

The night hangs bold and black like death but if your browser does not support java script, this site will truly fill you with emptiness.

Sanctuary  [Rate it]

Alternative Christian church for the disenfranchised music underground, including gothic, industrial, hardcore, metal, and punk.

Smileygoth's Spooky  [Rate it]

Gothy images, music and video samples.

Gothic.Net Webzine  [Rate it]

The ultimate Gothic website -- features short horror fiction, music interviews and reviews, and columnists. we work hard at making things Goth so you don't have to!

SubNation  [Rate it]

SubNation Productions record label, Cruciform band site, Silent Order band site, The Switchboard event listings, gothic darkwave and industrial music.

Twilight Pool  [Rate it]

A gothic music resource designed for both fans and those new to gothic music. Includes the ",, 762,"Twilight: The Ethereal Music Mailing List

VampLestat's Gothic Server  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Gothic resources galor - clubs, images, music, text files.

Sodomia Gay Goth community  [Rate it]

Gothy mp3, lyrics, art and more for gay goth youth

Random Malice Ent.  (Rating: 8.50 - Votes: 6)  [Rate it]

Pandrix Napier official site, the best Gothic Hardcore Band on the planet

THANE FARACE GOTHIC GUITARIST  (Rating: 9.09 - Votes: 11)  [Rate it]


Opened Paradise - Gothic Rock Band - Official Website  (Rating: 9 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

OPENED PARADISE is a gothic rock act inspired by Gothic Titans like FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, GARDEN OF DELIGHT and NOSFERATU, but only as a guide and inspiration. They don’t just remain there but they try to discover more and more the secret gifts of th

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