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Recommended Site  World of Trip Hop: Kruder and Dorfmeister  (Rating: 5.25 - Votes: 12)  [Rate it]

News and feautures of Trip Hop and Bristol music bands with real audio, lyrics, pictures and more of bands, such as Tricky, Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, Sneaker Pimps, bjork,smith & mighty, björk, sneaker pimps, red snapper,kruder

Recommended Site  (Rating: 6 - Votes: 8)  [Rate it]

Chilledbeats, the site with the newest downtempo, chill out, trip hop, acid jazz and breakbeat releases.

Auralgasms  (Rating: 7.29 - Votes: 7)  [Rate it]

Auralgasms is a web-portal dedicated the the discovery and discussion of under-appreciated artists. Download, sample, rate, and discuss!  (Rating: 7.14 - Votes: 7)  [Rate it]

Site featuring events, interviews, reviews, articles, links and more.

downbeat styles  (Rating: 7.67 - Votes: 6)  [Rate it]

Downbeat Music's home on the web, catering for all downbeat/triphop music  (Rating: 6 - Votes: 8)  [Rate it]

downtempo, triphop, ambient and other slow-motion music

4 am Eternal  (Rating: 7.56 - Votes: 9)  [Rate it]

Sammy Skyline presents 04:00am Eternal  (Rating: 5.86 - Votes: 7)  [Rate it]

French trip-hop site

Trip Hop Zone  (Rating: 5.71 - Votes: 7)  [Rate it]

TripHop :: Downbeat :: Ambient :: Lounge - Neuigkeiten, Interviews, CD-Reviews & die Community für Freunde elektronischer Musik

cargo cult  (Rating: 7.50 - Votes: 6)  [Rate it]

Down tempo, trip-hop music project

1st TRIPOFAGIA | trip-hop & downbeat  (Rating: 7.86 - Votes: 7)  [Rate it]

Everything about trip-hop and downbeat. Artists, news, releases, reviews, audio, lyrics, forum and more...

VTGMusic.Com V2.0 - Electro Industrial Trip Hop and Downtempo  (Rating: 7.86 - Votes: 7)  [Rate it]

The Official VTG Homepage.

JeBu Records - Jens Buchert  [Rate it]

trip hop, upbeat lounge, electronic and deep moods music

kendra.unique  [Rate it]

contemporary. downtempo .electronic .:// free downloads from our artists

Glideascope Official Website  [Rate it]

Home to downtempo music

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