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The Nostalgia Store  (Rating: 8 - Votes: 2)  [Rate it]

Rare, deleted and hard to find videos, DVDs and CDs from the 1950s to 1980s

Antique Phonograph Books  [Rate it]

A collection of handbooks, manuals and catalogs for vintage phonographs and records.

Antique Record Machines  [Rate it]

Tim Gracyk's home page: a large collection of original articles on vintage phonographs and recordings.

Birgit Lotz Verlag & Lotz Liste  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Book publishers specializing in discographies, particularly the German National Discography -- a systematic listing of all recordings of the 78rpm shellac era that were made in Germany.

The Blue Pages: The Encyclopedic Guide to 78 RPM Party Records  [Rate it]

Focused on under-the-counter 78 RPM records and specialty series produced by very small labels.

Cylinders 101  [Rate it]

Or So You Want to Collect Talking Machine Records. An introduction to the hobby of collecting cylinder records.

Dawn of Sound  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Information about vintage recordings and reissues of vintage recordings. New RealAudio selections every month.

Dinosaur Discs  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Online magazine about vintage recordings; shop and museum devoted to old records in England.

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine  (Rating: 1 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

This site is devoted to vintage music from the early decades of the 20th century. Features RealAudio streams of acoustic and electrically recorded records.

Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Antique phonographs, early sound recording methods, wax cylinder records, excerpts of old-time marching band music, and much of interest to collectors of vintage records.

Helmut Weber's Gramophone Hobby Page  [Rate it]

Includes sound clips from some historical recordings, and a guide to dating 78rpm records.

Jan's 78 RPM Record Warehouse  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Listen to a collection of 78 RPM records, transcribed in streaming Real Audio, accompanied with background information, photos and record labels. In English and Dutch.

Nipperhead Antique Phonograph  [Rate it]

Information pertaining to antique phonographs, gramophones, records, Victor, Edison, Columbia, and of course, Nipper. Contains cylinder and disc sound recordings, a phonograph gallery, repair instructions, and resource listings.

Phono-holics Anonymous  [Rate it]

A safe place to talk about those talking machines. Covers Edison cylinders, 78s, Diamond discs and 10",, 12100,"Swazoo Koolak's Web Jukebox

78 Quarterly  [Rate it]

Publication for 78 collectors; includes a sample article and information about the next issue.

The 78rpm Record Home Page  [Rate it]

The complete resource for 78 collectors. Pictures of labels, many good articles and lots of links.

Tyrone's Record and Phonograph Page  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Articles, entire recordings, a collection list, and a comprehensive set of links on 78rpm, cylinder, and odd records, and the phonograph machines to play them on.

The Virtual Gramophone  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

A multimedia Web site devoted to the first half-century of recorded sound in Canada. When complete, it will provide a comprehensive look at the 78-rpm era. A project of the National Library of Canada.

Desperate Man Blues: Record collector Joe Bussard parties like it's 1929  [Rate it]

Long article about the legendary 78 collector, reprinted from Washington City Paper.

Automated music show  [Rate it]

Antique shows for 78rpm and cylinder records, talking machines, and music boxes. Informative newsletter archives, free classifieds, many items for sale, and on-line images of previous shows with email links to dealers.

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