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To cut down time on typing, many people have started using abbreviations for various actions and phrases. Many of the abbreviations used in chats have pretty much become universal and a lot have become creatively humorous thanks to many regulars in those chat rooms. The following abbreviations and their meanings are some of the most commonly used out there. For a much bigger list the WBS Chat Book has a whole list compiled from various users from all over including various smileys!! This is most of the list from that place:

AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFK Away From Keyboard
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BBL Be Back Later
BBN Bye Bye Now
BBS Be Back Soon
BEG Big Evil Grin
BF Boy Friend
BRB Be Right Back
BTW By The Way
BWL Bursting With Laughter
C&G Chuckle and Grin
CID Crying In Disgrace
CNP... Continued in Next Post
CP Chat Post
CSG Chuckle Snicker Grin
CYA See Ya
CYAL8R See You Later
DLTBBB Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
EG Evil Grin
EMSG Email Message
FYI For Your Information
GF Girl Friend
GFN Gone For Now
GMBO Giggling My Butt Off
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
GTSY Glad To See You
H&K Hug and Kiss
HABU Have A Better 'Un
HAGN Have A Good Night
HAGU Have A Good 'Un
HHIS Hanging Head in Shame
IC I See
IGP I Gotta Pee
IMO In My Opinion
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IRL In Real Life
IWALU I Will Always Love You
JMO Just My Opinion
JTLYK Just To Let You Know
KIT Keep In Touch
KOC Kiss On Cheek
KOL Kiss On Lips
L8R Later
L8R G8R Later 'Gater
LHM Lord Help Me
LHO Laughing Head Off
LHU Lord Help Us
LOL Laugh Out Loud
LSHMBB Laughing So Hard My Belly is Bouncing
LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LTNS Long Time No See
LTS Laughing To Self
LUWAMH Love You With All My Heart
LY Love Ya
OIC Oh, I See
OL Old Lady (wife, girlfriend)
OM Old Man (husband, boyfriend)
OTTOMH Off The Top of My Head
PDS Please Don't Shoot
PM Private Message
PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMP Peed My Pants
POAHF Put On A Happy Face
Poof Has left the chat room.
QSL Reply
QSO Conversation
QT Cutie
ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLAPMP ...And Peeing My Pants
ROFLMAO ...My A** Off
ROFLMAOAY ...My A** Off At You
ROFLMAOWTIME ...With Tears In My Eyes
ROFLUTS ...Unable to Speak
RTSM Read The Stupid Manual!
SETE Smiling Ear To Ear
SHID Slaps Head In Disgust
SO Significant Other
SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
SWL Screaming with Laughter
SYS See You Soon
TA Thanks Again
TOY Thinking Of You
TTFN Ta Ta For Now
TTYL Talk To you Later
WB Welcome Back
WTH What/Who The Heck
YBS You'll Be Sorry
YG Young Gentleman
YL Young Lady
YM Young Man
ttyl talk to you later
ttys talk to you soon
tcob taking care of business
ttfn ta ta for now

Another thing that was previously mentioned is your text size and appearance. If you choose you can use text editing to increase the size of your text to catch someone's attention. This can make your messages in bold, italics, or color. By doing this to your messages and not making the text big you make your messages more unique and personalized. Once again refer to any instructions a chat room has pertaining to text editing use. This usage however cannot be done in IRC chats. Only the CAPS LOCK can be used to make your text larger.

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