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Internet chats are a new forum for people to hold discussions in this new age of computer technology. Many conversations held range in a variety of topics and cou're a basketball fan and are unsure what to use for a name. Be screwy. Like call yourself "Slam Dunkie Fiend," or something to that effect. Creativity is the key. If you have an interest in a particular subject try to find a very subtle way of displaying your name. Only a select few who know what it deals with will actually know and will get people asking questions bringing attention to you. This is something that I have done myself.

Remember creativity is the main thing here. Don't go with a name that is just rude, crude, vile, and out-right obnoxious. People will automatically tag you as a pervert and a host of other names taken out of a thesaurus on the word "bonehead," especially if you are in a chat that is a general chat area. Don't do this if you intend on being in the chat for a long time. You will be ignored, considered a hazard, insulted out of the chat, or kicked out by the people or the systems operators overlooking the place.

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