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 Eric Baines - Reinvention

Eric Baines - Reinvention When the Eric Baines CD Reinvention kicks in with the opening title track and he sings, “Who I am is always up to me,” you get the feeling that you are listening to an artist that writes songs that actually mean something; it is not just a of lot fluff.

Baines has a way of making you feel warm and self-assured inside with his soft vocal style backed by well-placed guitar, bass and drums. The musicianship on this album befits the singer’s style.

On “Something More,” Baines sings about other people with crosses to bear, holding the weight of their own baggage from life’s trials and tribulations. The song promises us that we are not alone in this world. The basis of the lyrical content suggest that we are on the same ship floating on the same ocean and the only differentiation is that we all are on a dissimilar course to reach the same destination.

The finely crafted rock-pop music offered on this CD will linger in your mind for a while after you hear it, prompting you to give it yet another spin. That is the goal of course, to get you hooked and encourage you to listen more intently to the lyrics. Baines does a fine job getting and keeping your interest throughout this album.

This is music to take the edge off so you can ease back and reflect on whom we are and why we are here. It sounds heavy but it is not at all, its basic every day life issues we all think about and it reminds you of the fact that it really is a small world that is getting smaller all the time.

01. Reinvention (5:03)
02. The Lucky One (4:56)
03. Something More (5:18)
04. I'm Coming Around (4:43)
05. Baggage (4:23)
06. The Light (5:08)
07. I Know The Day Will Come (3:55)
08. On The Inside (5:52)
09. Like I See You (4:30)
10. When It's Over (3:41)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Independent

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