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 Alon - The Artist Manifesto: Document 1

Alon - The Artist Manifesto: Document 1 In three tracks, the artist extraordinaire Alon takes you through many worlds and atmospheres. He uses an incredible powerfully expressive voice to make his lyrics stick and music that is very much progressive in every sense of the word.

In a few seconds over 16 minutes, you will hear three tracks that will move you emotionally and sweep you away completely.
ďArtís EndĒ reminded me so much of the Bowie/Eno period when Low came out, featuring a synthesized atmosphere with a catchy rhythm that does not let go. I was really getting off on the song and was hoping that it would continue, alas all good things must end.

Alon has a very hip website as well; it is a work of art in progress with a message from him about his music and the site for you to view. Everything about this artist is progressive and that is why I appreciate everything he does. So once again, I get only a taste. I have a feeling he is setting me up for an incredible full-length album that I will never forget.

Make sure you go to his site to check out some sound samples and listen to what he has to say. This artist has something to say so pay attention.

1. Time Will Tell (5:53)
2. Going Back (5:20)
3. Art's End (4:52)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Progressive Rock
Record Label: Great Egg Music

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