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 Dudley Saunders - The Billy White Acre Sessions +

Dudley Saunders - The Billy White Acre Sessions + This seven track EP features the evocatively striking vocal
exercises of Dudley Saunders. The Billy White Acre Sessions + puts the spotlight on a man deeply immersed in his lyrics and music. I was most impressed with the Saunders vocal delivery and found the musicianship beyond reproach on this EP. The key component throughout this CD is the outstanding vocals of Saunders. He uses the music as platforms for his emotive and heartfelt prose.

The organ playing of Pierpaolo Tiano adds a dark edge to this music, an element that compliments Saunders’ vocals just right. “The Undoing (Everyday)” is an incredible song, an obvious choice to push for a breakthrough single. The song leaves behind the alt country feel and opts for a more pop-rock flavor, which suits his voice beautifully. You will not be able to get this song out of your head and they make sure you do not by kicking off the CD with it and closing the curtain on the proceedings with the radio edit version just to remind you how good it is.

Dudley Saunders has a flexible and strong voice that would probably fit in with just about any style of music. I would like to hear him do some rockin’ blues numbers; I think it would serve him well. Regardless of my opinion, any particular style or musical preference for any listener, this EP is a fine representation of dynamic vocal powers coupled with acoustic guitar playing.

1.The Undoing (Everyday) (5:14)
2. The Truck of the Rising Sun (2:59)
3. Dead Bird Fly (Daddy When He Sings) (4:56)
4. The Locust (5:11)
5. Love In Crystal (4:33)
Bonus Tracks:
6. Disgrace (circa 1988) (3:25)
7. The Undoing (Everyday) (Radio Edit) (4:33)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Alternative Country
Record Label: Fang Records

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