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 The Surfaris - Basic Tracks

The Surfaris - Basic Tracks I received a very professional letter in the mail recently asking me If I would like to hear the recent Surfaris release from Paul Johnson’s management. PJ is a surf-instrumental guitar legend and this band is one of the originals from the first wave of surf-instro. The thought of these two forces uniting to remake all the basic tracks that spawned an entire genre sure sounded like something that I could get into.

“Basic Tracks” is a title that means more than it implies. These songs set the standard and paved the way for an entire genus of music. They are classics that will never age with the passing of time as long as there is someone willing to play them, re-record them and engage new listeners.

The Surfaris have reformed and updated each song with the crackling sparkle of a cold wave crashing to the shoreline…that shoreline being your ears, mind and senses. How many versions of “Wipe Out” and “Misirlou” have you heard? I reckon quite a few but I would be willing to bet if you are a true instro fan that you never tire of hearing those songs. Look at the mileage groups like The Ventures and artists like Merrell Fankhauser (the original creator of “Wipe Out” in case you did not know) have gotten from their catalogs of extensive material over the years. There is a clear reason why this is so and it is because their music has qualities that people can relate to; it enables listeners to find validation with a certain time or place in their lives. This collection is no different and the effect is the same, the songs sound new and refreshing again. There is a difference with songs constructed like this; there are no words just music. That gives each track an edge and flexibility making room for many types of musical styles to take and reshape them time after time. Although this is not common practice as these songs usually remain intact within the framework of this particular musical style, they can come back again like unlimited refills at a soda fountain, with a little more juice and a twist of lime for flavor if you will.

Just as the back of this CD says, legends live forever. Yes, they do and so does their music.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Surf-Instrumental

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