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 The Pat Travers Band - Boom Boom Live At The Diamond 1990

The Pat Travers Band - Boom Boom Live At The Diamond 1990 Boom Boom out go the lights! When you hear that, you instantly know its Pat Travers and his band pumping out unforgettable blues-rock. Boom Boom Live At The Diamond 1990 is an excellent memorial to Traversí red-hot blues-rock sound in a live setting.

Travers is a great guitarist and he has one of the most distinctive voices in music, he never was one of those run of the mill vocalist trying to imitate someone else. One of the many talented artists that have come from Canada, he definitely secured his popularity decades ago here in the U.S.

There is really no stage show to speak of in this act, its just pure straight ahead no frills blues-rock, just a bunch of guys on stage having some fun. That is enough for this listener, when you are as convincing as Travers is; it is always a joy to watch an artisan of his quality cut loose. He has a great band in support of his work as well, they are tight and energetic, keeping up with the tradition Travers has worked so hard to develop over the years.

When the set is complete, you walk away knowing everyone in hometown Toronto rocked the night away. There is nothing like that hometown spirit and warmth an artist gets when delivering their goods on stage.

If you like no frills killer blues-rock guitar riffs, you will love this DVD.

1. Snortin' Whiskey
2. Life In London
3. I La La La Love You
4. Gettin Betta
5. Wat'cha Gonna Do Without Me
6. Daddy Long Legs
7. Heat In The Street
8. School Of Hard Knocks
9. Help Me
10. Stevie
11. Ready Or Not
12. Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
13. Born Under A Bad Sign
14. Guitars From Hell

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