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 Ebony & Ivory - Red Hot

Ebony & Ivory - Red Hot I hardly know where to start with this comprehensive recording. Over 71 minutes of pure jazz and absolute musical bliss are unearthed amongst the 19 tracks on Red Hot. This ambitious project from Ebony & Ivory, a marvelously talented group of musicians that came together to give us this magical treat for the ears, cover contemporary, classical, bluegrass, ragtime, Latin, nearly every genre, subgenre, or fusion thereof, and they are all instrumental delights.

Each individual track develops its own personality and life rather quickly on this CD.
Andrew Gilpin, an incredibly talented piano man that takes his instrument to new levels of attainment while creating a solid foundation; plants a seed that blossoms with the other members of the band, bringing them to heights most musicians can only hope for in a session. Fred Jacobowitz turns in a stunning effort with superior clarinet and saxophone playing, complementing Gilpin most beautifully. The rest of the band members are no slouches at their positions either. This overflowing wealth of talent submerges itself in the music. The broad spectrum of colors and flavors of jazz are engaged in a succinct and positive way. It is comparable to a coffee bean releasing its essential oils then you can smell the wonderful flavor of it all as it brews. There definitely is something brewing here, without uttering a word, Ebony & Ivory communicate a world of culture and atmosphere, which is not always the easiest thing to do in the studio.

Nineteen tracks is a lot of music and to single out any one tune would be unfair when each one stands on its own as a singular work of art. In other words, every track is good, what else is there to say? If you love jazz this CD is necessary addition to your collection.

01. Blue Grass and Green Sky (3:21)
02. Lirico (4:58)
03. Brisa (4:24)
04. Olé! (3:21)
05. Chassidic Dance (5:08)
06. Heart and Soul (3:41)
07. Minority (5:49)
08. Dreams of You (5:18)
09. America (2:40)
10. Solace (2:59)
11. Red Hot (5:49)
12. Sonatina – 2nd Movement (3:27)
13. Maple Leaf Rag (2:34)
14. Air Mail Special (1:45)
15. A Smooth One (2:48)
16. Benjie’s Bubble (1:40)
17. Aes Sedai (5:06)
18. Tico Tico (3:44)
19. Summertime (2:48)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Instrumental Contemporary Jazz
Record Label: Independent

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