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 Satanís Pilgrims - Plymouth Rock-The Best of Satanís Pilgrims

Satanís Pilgrims - Plymouth Rock-The Best of Satanís Pilgrims The time has arrived in the career of Satanís Pilgrims to put out best of set, and it is about time. Plymouth Rock- The Best of Satanís Pilgrims celebrates 10 years of successful recordings in the popular yet underrated genre of instrumental surf music. I am getting further and further away from referencing the surf influences but it is a necessity because that is where it all started and why bands like this carry on and continue to make such great basic rock Ďní roll today.

CD 1 offers 20 tracks of the very best from the boys and CD2 is nothing but new, rare, and unreleased music with a bonus video section. They should have left out the videos; they are of very poor quality both visually and in sound. The music is the most important thing so other than the video extras this is fine two-disc set.

There are not a lot of new things to say about this kind of music unless there is some experimental mixing of different styles going on, it is pretty much the same every time out, however only the great bands cover all the styles within the genre, and this band offers up that smorgasbord of sound. I happen to enjoy this music very much, itís a necessary, well, evil, I guess I should say that considering their name, but seriously, I always considered these guys as one of the best, right up their with their peers. This is pure unadulterated fun, that has always been the attraction for me with this kind of music, and the added benefit of nostalgia and the culture that goes with it, makes it more colorful as well. This is well worth picking up if you love surf-instro music.

02. ŅQue Honda?
03. Plymouth Rock
04. Super Stock
05. Grave-Up
06. La Cazuela
07. The Godfather
08. Boss BSA
09. Peter Lorre
10. Creature Feature
11. Shit Sandwich
12. Chi Chi
13. Soul Pilgrim
14. Badge of Honor
15. Surf Lyre
16. The Lonely Pilgrim
17. Ragtop
20. Scorpio 6
01. Soul Creepin' (NEW!)
02. Haunted House of Rock (from Estrus 7")
03. The Outsider (NEW!)
04. Seaside Run (NEW!)
05. Hot Coco (previously unreleased)
06. If You Wanna (previously unreleased)
07. Harem Nocturne (previously available on DEL-FI Records compilation)
08. Spanish Head (previously unreleased)
09. The Hondell (previously unreleased)
10. Escape/Psychedelic Venture (previously available on Ventures Tribute compilation)
11. Green Chili (NEW!)
12. Black Boots & Bikes (previously unreleased)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Record Label: MuSick Recordings

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