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 Beats The Hell Out Of Me - Revising History

Beats The Hell Out Of Me - Revising History Once upon a time, a bunch of guys got together and formed a band, they were flat out rockers and everyone loved them. They had one problem…they could not come up with a name. As they played gigs, all of their friends tagged along and people from the audience would ask their friends what the name of the band was, and they would reply, “Beats the hell out of me.” Hence, they had a name. They are referred to as BTHOOM as well.

Revising History does not mean they are doing it in a musical fashion, what they play is nothing new or outrageous; it is a personal note to their (new) successful career. The reference is to their newfound freedom, as in no attachments to a label. The label the band was with, Metal Blade, were going in a different direction. They were one of a few bands signed to something called Metal Blade Modern, which they promptly dropped after the first release with them. I found the entire story quite interesting and the music just overflows with energy and power, giving you the sense, if you understand from whence they came, that they are reborn and ready to conquer the world without restraint. A lesson to all looking to sign with a label, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Their music is certainly a mirror image of the strong independent D.I.Y. attitude. Mike Pistrui is a loaded gun ready to go off at any minute, yet he has some restraint, he does not bark, scream or bellow, the man sings, and very well, I might add. You need a very definitive and dominant voice for music this loud and powerful. This music is one part metal and one part polished rock; you can hear it in the chops of the band and in the production. The bottom end does not lag at all, its heavy-duty industrial strength rhythm from Aaron Stewart (bass) and Erik Rogan (drums). The one two-knockout punch on guitars is Chris Bailey and Tom Coffen, they are a good match for the rhythm section and the two tandems manage to keep each other in check and honest throughout the entire session while Pistrui rides the wave.

Every track had enough juice and interesting lyrics to catch my ear. This band is not too hard and not too polished and perfected, they fall somewhere in between where both sides of that line in the sand are drawn to separate one genre from another. It will become obvious to you too if you listen to this music that there is plenty of talent and experience to go around. There should be no problem for this bunch to make some inroads into the music buying publics’ consciousness. Success is an attitude and they are off to a good start.

1. Down (3:00)
2. Move Along (3:59)
3. Ongoing Criminal Investigation (3:24)
4. The Promise (4:45)
5. Sun Fire City (3:36)
6. The Call (3:28)
7. Transmission (4:58)
8. Questions & Answers (3:26)
9. 1,000 Words (3:18)
10. Check the Mirrors (3:55)
11. She Lay There (3:39)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Metal-Rock
Record Label: Independent

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