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 SotoSoundz - Octopus Head

SotoSoundz - Octopus Head Octopus Head…what is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear that for a name of an album?
I was not too sure at first but it all became quite clear when I put the CD on and looked at the musician’s credits.

Karen Sotomayor is a one-woman show called SotoSoundz on her new release Octopus Head. She sounds like Grace Slick gone wild, as if she quit the Jefferson Airplane and ran off and joined a metal band, if you can picture that.

Sotomayor has a powerful vocal delivery and plays the guitar as well as any of her male counterparts. The music is a head bangin’ mixture of old school and modern psychedelic sounds. “You've Got That Somethin' That I Want” had me singing right along on the second spin. The guitar work is drenched in feedback and sweat and Sotomayor’s voice makes the track whole, complementing the kick ass sounds of her six-string. There is no coincidence that “The Spell You're Under” is simply bewitching. It highlights the all around talent that this woman commands while performing. What a great way to close the curtain on some amazing performances for this artist.

A real good vibe runs through this entire CD, I really liked it. This music rocks, it is sexy, and I wanted to keep playing it, which is the whole ball of wax when it comes to good rock music for this listener.

1. Burnin' With Desire (3:49)
2. Situation Opportunist (2:58)
3. You've Got That Somethin' That I Want (2:28)
4. Just A Little Jam…Please (1:52)
5. Do I? (2:31)
6. The Art Of Love (2:15)
7. That's Called Life (1:52)
8. The Spell You're Under (4:30)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: 7Arcos Recordings

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