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 Snacks - The Cinnamon Show

Snacks - The Cinnamon Show Stop and think for a moment if you will and imagine Randy Newman, Elvis Costello and Billy Preston are taking the place of the lion, the scarecrow, and the tin man in the “Wizard of Oz.” Okay, now the scene switches to when they are with Dorothy traveling along the yellow brick road, suddenly they ditch her because she doesn’t rock out like they do, eventually they find the poppy fields just before the entrance of the castle and get wasted on the opium vapors and begin to jam…what a story huh?

The band Snacks is similar to that scenario, well maybe not that extreme, but the same kind of feeling and changing of roles with characters (or musicians) applies to their bouncy CD “The Cinnamon Show.” Their music is catchy as hell and hard not to like, anyone from ages 8-80 could cut a rug to their tunes. Their goal seems clear as a bell…have fun and play music that makes people smile. They succeed in their venture to do just that. The two main characters in the show are Kevin Wiggins (vocals, drums, keys) and John Richardson (bass, vocals). I found their press kit as interesting as their music, it came with the usual biography, but there was something different this time, a program for the show. A special eye catching addition like that makes you stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. I will remember them now because of that. Their music was not the norm either. There are not too many people making music like this today.

I find it hard to criticize a recording like this because it was so much fun. The only drawback it has is that it begins to drag on after awhile, and the only reason is that they do not use enough meaty guitar parts to enliven the mix; it is kind of like adding some seasoning to the stew for extra flavor. That is my only complaint with an otherwise agreeable listen that was uplifting in its simplicity and approach. I would not hesitate to listen to anything else they have to offer in the future and I do not say that about everything I hear.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Pop

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