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 Robert Symons - Robert Symons Tropicana Steel Pan Bermuda Vol. 1 & 2

Robert Symons - Robert Symons Tropicana Steel Pan Bermuda Vol. 1 & 2

Robert Symons is a kindred soul that has traveled the world spreading music to the masses in many different forms. From his youth learning how to play the guitar to his current role as one of the worlds leading steel pan drum soloists, Robert is one of those amazing individuals that should receive recognition for his artistry. He is a self-taught musician, which makes his life path and progressions that much more implausible.

On the two volumes of contemporary easy listening compositions titled Tropicana Steel Pan Bermuda Vol. 1 & 2, arranged, sequenced (Yamaha QY20 sequencer), performed, and produced by Robert, he works his way through the history of pop music with panache, style and gracefulness. I guarantee you will never hear these familiar tunes presented like this.

Steel pan music is unique in both sound and your own personal perception of each individual song. The tunes are easily recognizable, with one exception, what you will hear and how it makes you feel is different for each individual listener. It also depends where you want the music to take you…perhaps that memorable once in a lifetime cruise you took, or someone’s special wedding reception, or memories of walking on a white sandy beach in the Bermuda sun will come to mind. This music is a one-way ticket to your own personal paradise, featuring lovely relaxing steel pan rhythms and the familiar syncopations of sequenced bass, guitar and keyboards, the backbeat that helps to make the steel drums as warm as a tropical island breeze.

Volume 1 is a full of mellow interludes while Volume 2 features more upbeat and transitional adaptations of popular tunes you have learned to love over the years. “Unforgettable,” “Crazy,”
“This Magic Moment,” you know them all. Now you can find all of these wonderful pop gems living in a different world. It is like hearing completely new songs thanks to the marvelous talent of Robert Symons-welcome to Bermuda…enjoy your stay.

Tropicana Steel Pan Bermuda Vol. 1
01. La Vie En Rose
02. Everything I Own
03. Bermuda Is Another World
04. Wind Beneath My Wings
05. You Only Live Twice
06. And I Love Her
07. Our Day Will Come
08. Fight
09. Stoned In love
10. Unchained Melody
11. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
12. Morning Dance
13. Calypso Medley (Yellow Bird; Island in the Sun; Jamaica Farewell
14. It Might As Well Be Spring
15. For All We Know
Tropicana Steel Pan Bermuda Vol. 2
01. But Not For Me
02. This Magic Moment
03. Let It Be Me.
04. Masquarade
05. I Could Fall In Love With You
06. Truely Madly Deeply
07. 100 pounds of Clay
08. Unforgettable
09. Blue Velvet
10. Summer Time
11. This Is Bermuda
12. Crazy

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Easy Listening-Tropical
Record Label: Independent

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