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 Ringo Starr - Ringo & His New All-Starr Band

Ringo Starr - Ringo & His New All-Starr Band In August of 2002, I reviewed “Ringo & His New All-Starr Band” in the CD format. I must apologize for listing the credits incorrectly. Rodger Hodgson actually plays lead guitar and keyboards on this recording, I listed him as playing keyboards only. Hodgson was surprised that Ringo asked him to play guitar, particularly lead. He considers it his weakest area of expertise yet he does a fine job regardless of his humble opinion regarding his skills. At the time, I was unable to find the credits for the CD and assumed Hodgson played the keyboards only.

Now this enlightening DVD version gives me the real scoop on who played what. I found inconsistencies with this package as well though. The accompanying booklet with the track listing has run times listed for only some of the songs, which I found quite odd. Why bother if you do not have the times for each track?

Now lets move on to the more positive aspects of this DVD, and why you should buy it. The first thing I noticed immediately was the difference in sound quality of the DVD compared to the CD. I do not have a stereo surround sound system or anything comparable hooked into my TV set, not yet anyway, it is my DVD player and the speakers from the TV and that is it. That says a mouthful for the quality of DVD sound. I was also unaware that Ringo played drums in sync with Sheila E. quite a bit during the set, which is an incredibly difficult thing to do and even more awesome to witness. Ringo said in an interview “We didn’t bring Sheila into the band because she was pretty; it was because she is a fine musician.” Granted she is a beautiful woman, but man can she play those drums! Even though Ringo had not even met any of the people in the band before playing with them, besides Howard Jones one time, they all managed to gather to play each and everyone’s hits as an additional treat to Starr’s already hit laden show. I tip my hat to Mark Rivera who serves as the bands musical director and in addition contributes guitar and the saxophone to the mix. Starr respects him, so he must be one of the best in the business.

Visually this is a captivating performance capturing the Starr style and grace onstage. He really is a generous man and allows his all star bands a lot of freedom onstage by allowing them all to participate equally to his hits and the Beatles tracks that he sang lead on as well as their own well know songs. A live performance cannot get any more assorted and entertaining than this. Watching this DVD cements Ringo’s legend further as a solo performer, admired artist, and an example to all of his comrades in the music businesses that have had the pleasure to play with him over the years.

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Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock

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