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 Skintones - Never Get Better

Skintones - Never Get Better With a label name like Crustacean do ya think the band might be a little rough around the edges? Uh, I do think it’s a fit. The band that has a more cosmetic name, the Skintones, are everything but cosmetic. They are rough and tumble, straight forward minus the bullshit, cocky, and above all, they have the talent to back it all up.

Tony Leskinen (drums, vocals), Pete Ross (guitar, vocals) and
Darwin Sampson (bass, vocals) are a ballsy trio that has the time of their lives on a rockin’ new album. They are funny, in your face, and a fun listen. I heard a very interesting and entertaining blend of rock, punk and alternative that borders on crossing over into progressive at times. The band likes to call their sound munkal (a combination of metal and punk). This is a band of advanced musicians, there is no question about it, even though they do not take themselves too seriously as indicated by the credits in the CD, they introduce the band lineup as the self-absorbed pricks. I really do not believe that these guys are like this, they are just making light of themselves just as they do every other subject matter on the album.

The first tracks digs right in, shouting at all the overpaid fat cats on Capitol Hill with lines like-The United States/ is a basket case/it’s a fucked up place/time and energy has gone to waste/it’s the United States today. While this is true, I will take living in the U.S. on a bad day over many countries on a good day. On “Million $ Itch” you have to love the wide-eyed window shopping fool and the line-You got a million dollar itch/With a twenty dollar scratch. This is a tough dose of reality for a person with expensive taste and no money to fill the hole and insecurities that go with it.

There were many outstanding albums this year to enjoy and I think this is one of the most different rock albums. It takes guts and plenty of confidence to sing about what you really feel, its takes even more to pull it off with some impact, the Skintones do it all in spades on this CD.

1. Basket Case 2:31
2. Swig and a Toast 2:24
3. Baba Ganoush 3:29
4. Keepin' It Up 2:47
5. Million $ Itch 4:56
6. Ray Gun 3:03
7. Rocka Locka 5:44
8. Pink Chimpanzees 3:22
9. Never Get Better 3:17

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Alternative-Punk-Metal
Record Label: Crustacean Records

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