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 Bernadette Lawrence - Try Romance

Bernadette Lawrence - Try Romance Bernadette Lawrence says Try Romance. Her enjoyable release carries that common theme throughout on all ten tracks.

This is a beautiful album, lyrically and musically. The songs that really got my attention are “Amor, Amore” and the tender “God Bless The Children.”

Lawrence has a superb voice and sense of rhythm. Every track has different elements of rhythm & blues, pop, funk, and some rap. Her Caribbean hertiage comes shining through like a bright star in her voice and the rhythmic backbeat of several of the tracks. Most notably those attributes are delivered with a smile on “Do It Right” and “Dancin’ On A Moonbeam,” which comes complete with the steel drums. These sounds could very easily be generated by a keyboard, but what can’t? In any event, it all sounds great regardless. I found the piano playing to be exceptionally strong consistently during this listen.

This is bright and cheerful music filled with hope and positive messages, which is kind of nice to hear for a change. With the exception of “Let You Go,” which has a toned down slow dance groove to it, there is not a dull or dark moment heard on this CD. If you have the urge to dance and smile the night away, put on this CD.

1. Let's Try Romance
2. Not A Game
3. True Love
4. Amor, Amore
5. All Bets Down
6. God Bless The Children
7. Do It Right
8. Dancin' On A Moonbeam
9. Let You Go
10. Thank You

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rhythm and Blues-Pop
Record Label: Verdict Records

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