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 Mare Edstrom - Inside The Blues

Mare Edstrom - Inside The Blues Mare Edstrom should have titled her CD The Blues Are Inside Her instead of Inside The Blues. It becomes obvious by listening to her new release that the blues is a part of her soul and makeup. The one thing I found interesting was that she sounds as if she is a classically trained vocalist, at times bordering on an operatic vocal style. While she handles each track with authority, I honestly think her voice was made for jazz. She almost sounds too classy for this genre, and to top it off she looks like the girl next door. I thought you were supposed to look tough and roughshod, as if you have lived the blues. Well, this my friends is a perfect example of the old adage-You can’t judge a book by its cover.

It all just does not seem to fit, yet when you hear her belt out “Rollin and Tumblin’/Got Mud in My Soul” or the emotional closer “In My Time of Dyin’” she makes a believer out of you. I sure became one once this CD was complete. One of the best tracks, a real scorcher, is “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues.” It really smokes straight on through. The guitar playing on this CD is exemplary, it is the key in getting the tracks meaning conveyed to the listener with conviction, and Edstrom’s voice rides the tide that the six-string creates.

Well there you have it, one of the more interesting blues-rock artists I have come across in a long time. Hey, the Red Sox won the World Series, so why not?

01. Treat Me So Low Down
02. That’s Alright
03. Cherry Wine
04. Statesboro Blues
05. North Memphis Blues
06. Tried So Hard
07. The Thrill Is Gone
08. Can’t Be Satisfied
09. I Feel the Same
10. Spiderman Blues
11. Tell Me
12. Rolln’ and Tumblin’/Got Mud in My Soul
13. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
14. In My Time of Dyin’

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Blues-Rock
Record Label: Spiritone Records

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