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 John Amen - All I’ll Never Need

John Amen - All I’ll Never Need John Amen is baked from the mold of the Bob Dylan’s of the world. He gives his audience All I’ll Never Need to digest, 13 tracks of emotionally moving music. He has some of the most interesting lyrics I have heard and the music is quite good as well, particularly on the electrified “Daddy” and “Wild Dogs and Ostriches.”

Amen has a primary focus; he is a poet/singer/guitar player that carries his message through well thought out lyrics and a folk-rock country sound (for the most part).

At first I thought he sounded a little bit too much like Dylan but after the album moved on it became clear that he does have his own sound, there are similarities to other artists, which is a commonality amongst anyone that records music, that is a fact of life, we all have our influences. I appreciated his emotion and passion; it is more than obvious from the outset that this man performs from a place in his heart and soul.

If you like folk and rock with a poetic justice and sense of reason, this is music for you.

01. Overload (3:41)
02. Steppin' In (3:42)
03. New Year's Song (3:03)
04. Bearings (3:23)
05. Waiting for Mary (2:45)
06. Coming Down (3:22)
07. Too Far (Broken Down) (2:45)
08. Fortress (4:15)
09. Daddy (5:57)
10. Full Blaze (4:15)
11. Darker Side of Blue (4:30)
12. Wild Dogs and Ostriches (3:37)
13. Anaheim - Don't Go (4:12)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Folk-Rock-Country
Record Label: Cool Midget

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