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 Project 814 - Declassified

Project 814 - Declassified Project 814 released their Declassfied album in 2001 and received critical acclaim for their efforts. The album features the soaring vocals of Todd Joos, the precision guitar lines of Mark Summers, and the incredible rhythm section of Jon Pomplin (bass) and Bob Brady (drums). James Miller mans the all-important keyboards to help formulate their decidedly proggy sound. Pomplin is an internationally recognized artist known for his work with Project 814, Disguise The Limit, and countless sessions with major and independent artists.

I really like the way the album kicks off with “The Speed of my Life.” It is a rocker, just like every track on this CD, with reflective lyrics regarding our fast-paced lives. We all seem to be doing so much at once with so little time in which to accomplish it all. I heard elements of jazz as well in their sound on “Episode 69 (Don't Go In There).” Some of the best moments on the CD are in this one song. Mark Summers plays some funky licks on the electric guitar while layering in some acoustic Latin inflected passages. He expertly switches back and forth from one outstanding electric and acoustic solo to another, for a flavorful mix of rock with Latin groove. You get the best of both worlds in one track. Summers is a versatile and cat quick guitar player, and that becomes quite evident throughout this listen. Jon Pomplin’s bass is nothing short of amazing on this track as well. I could easily go on and on about every single track but I will not, it would take far too long. Trust me this is all good stuff. All 10 tracks are stellar.

This album has a consistency and tightness that is a rarity. Project 814 is a rock solid band that offers a rock-progressive sound that never lets up, not for a second. This is the kind of music that keeps you all pumped up, from start to finish. This band is not too hard or too soft, they play the type of music almost everyone would like, including other musicians, who would flock to see them perform live. It’s like when you go to a Dream Theater concert; there is nothing but musicians there. I think this kind of talent deserves that kind of attention and respect. This is top of the line rock music folks…you will love it.

01. Speed of my Life - 5:02
02. Chaos (The Test of Time) - 5:48
03. X (reprise) - 5:01
04. Catamaran Tack - 3:21
05. 5 and 1 (Distant the Heart) - 4:03
06. Courage, Honor, Glory - 4:31
07. The Demon Within - 6:07
08. Cathode Ray Reflections - 5:23
09. Episode 69 (Don't go in There) - 5:14
10. Running out of Time - 4:23

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Progressive
Record Label: Cellar Records

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