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 The April Skies - The Breathe EP

The April Skies - The Breathe EP I am so impressed with the sound of The April Skies. With energy as bright and stimulating as this to offer, I have no doubt that this is a band ready to break it in a big way. Right from the beginning of the opening track “Breathe,” I knew that something special was going on.

While they just give up just a taste of their canon of rock and pop pleasures, it certainly is enough to convince anyone that they have what it takes to take their careers to the next level with a full-length release, hopefully on a label that will be able to support and nurture their development.

“Here Comes the Rush” (think early 80’s Brit pop rock) sounds like a dead ringer for a hit taking straight aim at top forty radio and beyond. This music has some excellent crossover qualities as well, while the pop glistens and shines (like their obvious British influences), the rock elements are the foundation from which this solid quartet is rooted.

EP’s are short and sweet and I swear every time I hear one I want to hear more, but then again that is exactly what the band wants you to feel…so mission accomplished guys. Keep on traveling down this road gents because you are almost at the finish line ready to walk away with the prize.

1. Breathe (4:15)
2. Sleepyhead (3:20)
3. Here Comes the Rush (5:48)
4. Beautiful Girl (3:91)
5. Independence (4:36)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Independent

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