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 Big Leg Emma - The Color of Wind

Big Leg Emma - The Color of Wind Big Leg Emma sounds like a famous bartender that beats the tar out of everyone. Well, not exactly in this case. This is the name of a band; a country rock band that sounds like a combination of CSNY meets the Allman Brothers meets the Eagles (check out the guitars on “When I Wake Up”). Sounds good now doesn’t it? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar it is. This is sweet sounding country rock with all the trimmings and the added bonus of the woman’s touch with wonderful harmonies and lead vocals.

The Color of Wind may have some heavy country influence but it isn’t that down home pickin’ and grinnin’ twang that original country blues sounds like, this is infused with elements of rock (similar to the Eagles and The Flying Burrito Brothers), actually when the ladies kick it in, early Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies came to mind.

After a few listens of this CD it became a best friend, I could count on it to make me smile, bop my head and tap my feet. For me, that is everything. It makes the listening all worthwhile.

Musically this CD is solid; the musicianship is right on, while production values are quite good as well. All around, this is a better than average CD worth a closer look.

01. Broken Sky (3:55)
02. Eyes So Blue (3:19)
03. Hey Maker (5:39)
04. Bourbon Street (4:31)
05. Moonless Night (5:18)
06. Crazy Me (6:24)
07. Peoples (3:46)
08. So Long (4:30)
09. Book On A Shelf (5:11)
10. Amny (4:50)
11. When I Wake Up (6:44)
12. When Will The Sun Set Me Free (4:34)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Country-Rock
Record Label: Independent

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