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 Don Lewis - Through The Eyes of a Child

Don Lewis - Through The Eyes of a Child The Don Lewis Band is back again with passion on their new album Through The Eyes of a Child. Once again, Lewis and his cohorts produce a stunning and vibrant set for those into the roots-alternative rock scene.

The cover tells you where the heart of Mr. Lewis is, and I can relate 100%. I have children of my own and they help me to lighten up and see things as they do so I can escape my sometimes, too serious adult world.

The musicianship is outstanding on this album and the vocals of Lewis are uniquely infectious and warm. You know every word he is singing means something to him. He is either singing about his wife or his child on the opening track “You Make Me Smile (Crazy for You),” and it sets the tempo for the entire album. On “You Can Depend” he sings about the innocent eyes of a child, once again restating the importance of family through his music. The curtain closer and title track ends the proceedings appropriately as Lewis has you looking through those eyes of innocence, offering you a reprieve from all the madness surrounding you. If that is not enough honest to goodness emotion and slice of life stuff, you get to hear some great guitar licks (Tom Delfavero) on cuts like “Drowning,” a warning about being to egotistical.

This is the kind of music that will enhance or change any mood-and no matter what your body will be bouncing and a smile will come to your face, it is inevitable. The Don Lewis Band has done it again; they not only won my ears, they took my heart for over twenty minutes.

1. You Make Me Smile (Crazy for You) (3:13)
2. Hold On (3:40)
3. You Can Depend (3:21)
4. How Does It Feel? (3:35)
5. Drowning (3:31)
6. Will You? (3:12)
7. Thru the Eyes of a Child (3:15)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Independent

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