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 Chet Atkins - High Rockiní Swing (4 CD Boxed Set)

Chet Atkins - High Rockiní Swing (4 CD Boxed Set) Chet Atkins name is synonymous with the guitar. During his long and glorious career, he played with everyone from the legendary Les Paul to the modern day guitar genius Mark Knopfler.

High Rockiní Swing is four disc boxed set tribute to Atkinsí recorded works from 1946-1954. The set focuses mainly on his country music, vocal and instrumental. I have always appreciated the instrumental Chet Atkins opposed to the vocal country style of music he played early on in his career. The country music then was much different from what you hear today, there are no signs of slick production and pop elements present, it was raw and blues influenced. Because I am a huge instrumental fan and not a modern day country fan, I lean heavily towards the instrumental tracks. If you enjoy both, then you are in luck with this comprehensive set.

This is a beautiful boxed set housed in a quality cardboard case and the four CDs are in separate book style cases with a biography, detailed track listings, and some great pictures of Chet throughout his career. I own The RCA Years boxed set as well and thought that this set was much better.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Country-Instrumental
Record Label: Universe

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