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 Boz Scaggs - Greatest Hits Live

Boz Scaggs - Greatest Hits Live Boz Scaggs is smooth, there is no getting around it, and he always has been that type of performer. I have always appreciated his distinct vocals and the fact that he is an excellent multi-instrumentalist. I also respect the consistency he has managed to maintain throughout his career. With all of this said, it is appropriate and due time that a recent performance of a greatest hits compilation was produced for the DVD format.

Greatest Hits Live finds Boz in good voice and playing the guitar in an inspired vigorous way, for a warm and intimate hometown crowd in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall.

It does not look like he has missed a step after all these years. He surrounds himself with some of the best talent in the business. The two backup songbirds, Ms. Mone’t and Barbara Wilson, compliment Scaggs wonderfully. Ms. Mone’t does a nice call and answer with Boz on a few occasions during the performance.

What I found critical to the sound of this band was the fact that there were two keyboard players, Jim Cox and Michael Bluestein. They create a double layer of sweet sound for the rest of the band to ride on, hence the guitar, bass, drums, and brass have plenty of groove to dig into before there parts kick in.

Scaggs plays all of the best of his long career, the big pop oriented hits like “Lido” and “Lowdown,” bluesy numbers “Runnin’ Blues” and “Loan Me A Dime,” and the jazz tinged funky number “Jojo,” its all covered. What a wonderful performance this is, and the sound and picture are first rate. This could not have been a better performance to put out on DVD. Yes indeed, Boz Scaggs still has what it takes; he is a class act and joy to watch perform.

01. Lowdown
02. Slow Dancer
03. Heart of Mine
04. It All Went Down the Drain
05. Harbor Lights
06. Jojo
07. Ask Me 'Bout Nothin' but the Blues
08. Breakdown Dead Ahead
09. Look What You've Done To Me
10. I Just Go
11. Georgia
12. Miss Sun
13. Lido Shuffle
14. Runnin' Blues
15. Loan Me a Dime
16. We're All Alone

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop-Blues-Jazz
Record Label: Zoe

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