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 Patrick Yandall - From The Ashes

Patrick Yandall - From The Ashes Patrick Yandall’s new album From The Ashes is bound to please even the most particular jazz listener. With a measureless assortment of colors and atmospheres, Yandall takes all of his influences, mixes them, and brings a musical stew to a steady simmer that is most pleasing to the ear.

From the hot and spicy Latin fusion of “The Land of Aros” to the contemporary smooth sound of “Song For Bobby,” Yandall’s phrasing is inexhaustible, right on the cutting edge of instrumental jazz cool, the personification of the quiet storm great jazz is known for.

With the help of the top-flight talents such as Randy Brecker (trumpet), Joel Rosenblatt (drums), and many other leading lights in jazz, the multi-talented Yandall puts together a solid effort worthy of much praise and respect from this listener.

Variety is Yandall’s formula on this project and he succeeds in a big way making this one of the finest releases of 2004. Could this be a best-kept secret in jazz? The cats out of the bag now, a musical force is on the loose. Check out the terrific vibe of this masterful musician. The beauty of a phoenix rising From The Ashes awaits you.

01. Heart Promise (4:42)
02. Club Humphreys (4:16)
03. Hope Springs Eternal (3:59)
04. All Day Music (4:54)
05. Hot Pockets (4:41)
06. K.C. (4:38)
07. Unsung Hero (4:09)
08. First Dance (4:32)
09. From The Ashes (4:17)
10. The Land of Aros (4:52)
11. Song For Bobby (5:27)
12. Firestorm (4:02)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Smooth Jazz-Instrumental
Record Label: Apria Records
Website: http://www,

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