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 Los Lobos - This Time

Los Lobos - This Time Los Lobos has always been one of my favorite bands. I think they have been and continue to be vastly underrated for their astonishing contributions to the roots rock movement. During their career, they have had many memorable recordings and one of them is the incredible This Time. It comes as no discovery to me why Mobile Fidelity decided to honor this fine release with their Ultra Disc treatment. I am surprised however, that there were not any words of praise in the booklet that accompanies this SACD. The lyrics are included though, which always is a bonus for any album.

The title track “This Time” jump-starts the boys into their normal effective mode; it is a real energized cookin’ number, a good choice for a lead in to the rest of the album. The tradition and influence of their culture dominates yet draws from some good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll on all night burners like “High Places” and “Corazón.” It is that very flavor and combination that makes their music so unique and universally appealing, my young children enjoy it as much as I do (they have good taste too!).

Caesar Rojas and David Hidalgo (also known for their magnificent side project The Latin Playboys) are the heart and soul of the band, and continue to compliment each other like twin siblings joined at the hip. They are a one-two punch that is indeed a rare musical commodity, and when one looks at longevity, they are a scarcity in the volatile world of the music business.

This Time is a real gem, a classic rendering of quirky roots-rock-pop that has few rivals. As I always comment in closing-It goes without saying how incredibly pristine the sound is, any recording becomes reborn once it is remastered using the UHR-Gain II technology.

01. This Time - 3:31
02. Oh Yeah - 3:44
03. Viking - 3:29
04. High Places - 4:21
05. Cumbia Raza - 2:46
06. Run Away With You - 3:05
07. Corazón - 4:07
08. Some Say, Some Do - 3:09
09. Turn Around - 3:45
10. La Playa - 3:11
11. Why We Wish - 2:53

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock, Roots, Alternative, Pop
Release Date: 1999/2004
Record Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs

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