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 Laurel Zucker - Flute Music by French Composers

Laurel Zucker - Flute Music by French Composers Flute Music by French Composers music makes you feel like you are dancing on the clouds with angels and Laurel Zucker plays the flute as if she was ordained by the Holy Spirit to do so. For classical music, it simply does not get any better than this. I feel all music has a direct connection to heaven and this particular set of compositions gave me a front row seat inside the pearly gates.

According to the artist, she states that this set of compositions is a necessary purchase for any flute student. It covers all the required flute competition compositions for the Paris Conservatory throughout the years. Included is a bonus track of “Bornes Carmen Fantasy,” which is a very difficult piece to perform.

From a listener’s perspective, all of these compositions must be very difficult to master. The fact that Ms. Zucker takes one piece from each individual French composer and molds it into a born again masterpiece is a credit to her steadfast dedication to the artistry of flute playing. She honors each individual composer giving respect to them by showing the varying degrees of emotion and tempo found within every piece. This is a most difficult thing to accomplish while attempting to create uniformity and smoothness during the recording and technical process.

This is very peaceful and serene music, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The energy is subdued yet purposeful. This is the type of music made for those with discriminating tastes and an ear for perfection in the classical music genre. The bonus track is the pièce de résistance of the entire recording clocking in at 11:59. It ends this CD in fitting fashion, reaching a crescendo of blissfulness that is hard to find in any music.

Laurel Zucker talks about her inspirations behind this outstanding recording:

Inspiration for this recording came directly from my teaching job at California State University, Sacramento as Professor of Flute since 1988. I ask that flute majors learn and perform various selections from all of the compositions recorded on this CD in order to learn grace, technique, tone development and articulation skills. Two years ago, the flute studio performed a concert that included every piece on this CD and it was a great success. A wonderful company, Flute World, recommended that I release a CD of all these terrific pieces that can be found in a book by the same title edited by Louis Moyse.

01. Henri Busser Prelude et Scherzo for Flute and Piano (5:48)
02. Cecile Chaminade Concertino for flute and piano (8:07)
03. Gabriel Faure Fantasie for flute and piano (5:07)
04. Georges Enesco Cantabile et Presto for flute and piano (6:00)
05. Louis Ganne Andante et Scherzo for flute and piano (6:41)
06. Philippe Gaubert Fantaisie for flute and piano (6:51)
07. Gaubert Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando for flute and piano (5:35)
08. Paul Taffanel Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino for flute and piano (6:17)
09. Alphonse Duvernoy Concertino for flute and Piano (6:04)
10. Albert Perilhou Ballade for flute and piano (5:54)
11. Francois Borne Fantaisie Brillante from Bizet's Carmen (11:59)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Classical
Record Label: Cantilena Records

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