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 Slang - Blue

Slang - Blue

One listen to Slang and you will question if they are really from Bulgaria or not, well they are. Even though they are from a world far removed from what we are accustomed to in the U.S., their sound is as westernized as it gets. In fact, if you did not know this about them you would give their CD Blue a spin and probably ask, “What state are they from?” I cannot detect any trace of a foreign accent in Demi Ekimov’s voice, now that is amazing and a real tribute to how hard this band has worked on perfecting their sound to make their latest offering such a worldly accessible rock-pop album.

This is a very strong album and the way it kicks off with the authoritative and contagious “The Wind of Your Dreams,” it sets the precedence for the entire album. That force and atmosphere prevails like a newly tuned engine throughout this entire recording. I did not hear a track on this album that was a throwaway; they all had their own character and appealing sound that allows each member of the band a chance to prove why they are candidates for a major league contract either as a band or individually.

An instantaneously “I love it!” does come blurting out of my mouth for me with anything I listen to, it takes time, a few listens usually, and this CD was no exception. I did like it upon first listen mind you, but after the second and third I really did love it. The understated keyboards of Kalin Petrov compliment Peter Glavanov’s powerful and melodic guitar beautifully whilst Borislav Petrov does a great job with the drums and programming.

The technical aspects of producing a solid album such as this are paramount and I must say, I think they really nailed it down on this session because it sparkles. Hired guns Yury Bozhinov (bass), Kiril Makedonski (trumpet and saxophone) and George Tsvetkov (bass) deserve a tip of that for helping to fill out their sound nicely. Makedonski adds another aspect to their sound, which they should explore further on the next album. I also think cutting Glavanov free on a few long and hard guitar runs would be a highlight that listeners would rave about.

Yes, its time to get out of the clubs of Bulgaria and come to America my friends, you are a great band!

01. The Wind of Your Dreams (5:10)
02. Without Love (5:02)
03. Within You, Within Me (4:14)
04. Empty Heart (featuring Amalia) (4;58)
05. I Can Feel You (3:51)
06. After All… (5:02)
07. Flash of Light (4:18)
08. Celebrity (4:03)
09. Bad Reputation (4:26)
10. Dreams, Love, And Desire (6:43)
11. Flying High (3:51)
12. My Heart (5:49)
13. The Wind of Dreams/remix (3:59)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Independent

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