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 Billi & Patti - Love

Billi & Patti - Love Billi & Patti sing and strum their way through 14 songs about life, love and the pursuit of happiness on their album titled Love. The title really does say it all for this fiery and charismatic duo. They are from two decidedly different backgrounds and styles in music yet they manage to find a groove that works, and one that flatters each otherís talents nicely. Their voices and guitars are a unified chorus of musical excellence fighting for a cause, that cause is a cure for the fatal disease *AIDS.

Billi is a country girl and Patti is a rocker, they seem to balance and ground each other forming a tasteful and upbeat tempo in each song. Their music and lyrics is an abundant match indeed, and every word is clear, concise and straight to the point, thereby helping them to entertain and educate their audience in songs like ďUntil There Is A Cure.Ē How can you miss with words like this?

Until there is a cure we must all work together. Forget about the shame. Stop pointing out the blame. Thereís one thing I know for sure. We must all work together until there is cure.

It does not get anymore point blank honest than that. Not only was I tapping my feet while listening to this music, my heart and soul was touched in a deep and convincing way. These two women are selfless and talented people offering themselves to help those less fortunate.

Great rockiní countrified tunes with a message that rings aloud and clear is what you get on this CD. I sure appreciated the whole package offered on this CD and you will too. Get ready for a rockiní good time with a duo that means business. Billi & Patti will help you to find true Love. Itís like going to a five star restaurant and getting dessert too, and you canít beat that.

* One Dollar for each CD purchased goes to AIDS research at The River Fund

01. Believe in Change (4:06)
02. Love is the Key (4:10)
03. Three Little Angels (3:30)
04. Send Me an Angel (4:55)
05. I Love You (3:05)
06. Forever Last (5:50)
07. Let Me Love You (3:43)
08. Walkin' the Line (3:15)
09. Dancin' in the Rain (4:30)
10. Reminds Me of You (Mom) (3:10)
11. Ordinary Woman (4:04)
12. In the Name of Love (3:07)
13. Remember Me, Remember You (3:55)
14. Until There is a Cure (5:32)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Acoustic Country Rock
Record Label: Independent

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