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 Karli Bonne’ - Angel Without Wings

Karli Bonne’ - Angel Without Wings Karli Bonne’ is an Angel Without Wings for the new millennium. While her music shows her deep love for the Holy Spirit, the sounds she delves into are diverse as the religions found across the globe. Everything from a rock rap to an opera ode to the master is on this engaging session.

Bonne’ writes in the CD liners-“While making this CD I felt fear, rejection, doubt and an overwhelming peace you could not imagine.” Certainly, these are all emotions we all experience on a regular basis (sometimes daily) for those enough clear and honest enough to recognize and acknowledge it. The overwhelming peace Bonne’ conveys to her listeners will only benefit the soul open to what she gives through the music. The most impressive factor is that she is able to really come from the heart right from the start and end with the same frame of reference in this session.

Karli Bonne’ is an extremely diversified vocalist, it seems as though she could adapt to and master any style she decided to try without any difficulty whatsoever. Let this angel without wings into your consciousness with her music-it will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

1. Angel Without Wings (3:30)
2. Answers (4:04)
3. I Have the Light (4:00)
4. Psalm 93 (4:11)
5. My Serenade (4:10)
6. Prison of Fear (5:04)
7. Craigs Song (4:18)
8. Simply Serene (4:55)
9. Who Is This Man (3:55)
10. If I Just (4:40)
11. Love Like You (3:44)
12. I Love You (5:14)
13. Well Done (5:36)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Christian Rock-Pop
Record Label: Independent

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