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 Pink Floyd - Inside Pink Floyd-A Critical Review 1967-199

Pink Floyd - Inside Pink Floyd-A Critical Review 1967-199 Alas, the definitive Pink Floyd DVD set, Inside Pink Floyd-A Critical Review 1967-1996 is a critical review of each album from some of the best rock critics in the world. I know you are probably saying it right now-“Damned critics, what the hell do they know anyway?” Well I used to feel the same way until I started reading music reviews and buying albums based on someone else’s opinion, and what do you know? It actually works.

Everyone knows how great the music of Pink Floyd was so who needs a bloody critic to tell you about it then? Well, I found it most informative and interesting listening to the different opinions on each album. For the most part the people discussing the catalog of the band concurred that every album since Dark Side of The Moon with the exception of the Final Cut, was five stars.

This is a marvelous presentation with two DVDs housed in a beautiful book with pictures, history, and more on colorful glossy paper. Classic Rock Productions rolls out the red carpet for the legendary progressive rock band, and they deserve it, they are after all, rock royalty.

There is much discussion on the rise and imminent demise of Syd Barrett and the already well documented in fighting with Roger Waters and David Gilmour caused by Waters trying to gain complete control of the band, then the eventual exit of Waters and Gilmour deciding to carry on without him, albeit quite successfully as we all know.

There is rare footage of the band and some discussion of their movies Live At Pompeii and The Wall, which are brilliant films with fantastic music. As you can imagine both DVDs are filled to the brim with great footage of the band in concert, in the studio, and some short interviews with band members. The apparent successor to the Pink Floyd crown is the band Mostly Autumn; they are on hand to share their thoughts about the music and how it has influenced them over the years. The lead guitar player Bryan Josh and the lead vocalist Heather Findlay, go in depth along with the critics regarding several of their albums and certain songs. The band actually does a cover of “Comfortably Numb” on their At Grand The Opera House CD, which is excellent.

The book that is part of the set is a track by track dissertation with additional commentary regarding each album, it is quite in-depth and interesting. This one is a keeper for the ages, get it now!

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Progressive Rock
Record Label: Classic Rock Productions

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