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 The Beatles - The Journey

The Beatles - The Journey Just mention of the name The Beatles and it creates an excitement and expectation like no other performing musical act in the history of recorded music. Since the 60ís this has been a fact of life for many of us. What band has done more for music than The Beatles?. You are generally optimistic when thinking about viewing a presentation on DVD of the Fab 4. This kind of thought process can inevitably set you up for disappointment. The Journey gave me a lot of joy and memories but it also had some disappointments.

There was some rare footage and some I had viewed before, for example, the chilling interview Barbara Walters had with John Lennonís killer Mark David Chapman on 20/20, who could forget that?

The old black and white footage of the band manages to drop you into a time warp for a while, and that factor is a powerful one that keeps you glued to the screen, even though itís not that great of a presentation from start to finish.

The audio disc is more of disappointment than the DVD, what is supposed to be a Beatles interview disc is actually a John Lennon and Yoko Ono bitch session about politics, sex and war. Although it was a memento, after over 50 minutes bantering back and forth between the couple and the interviewers, I had my fill. I would say that this is for the collector that must have everything connected with the band. I would consider myself a big fan but casual in comparison to those obsessive about collecting everything that is related to the mop tops. This is actually the first DVD I have watched on the band so I have nothing to compare and contrast it with. This is a decent yet brief timetable on their rise to stardom. It comes with a nice little booklet, however it did not appease me nor compensate for the disappointment I had with this set.

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Posted By: Keith Hannaleck

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