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 Online Store HitMusic Goes Beyond Mere Downloads

HitMusic announced the launch of a promotional campaign to entice artists & DJs to sell their work without the need for a major record label. Every new registrant to the independent online music store will automatically enter in our contest to win a DIGI 002 GIVE A WAY which is a value at $2700.00

HitMusic does not stop at at giveaways for artists though. Fans can also be a part of the action by being entered to win an MP3 player valued at $250.00 everytime they by a CD or MP3 on the site.

"Beyond giving band and musicians the ability to sell their CD & MP3s at our store, HitMusic also wants to help band and musicians with their production costs," notes HitMusic founder Paul Shirley. "Considering the bite studio time & costs can take out of an artist budget, we felt that this giveaway could help."

Why did you form HitMusic?

"As a producer, I had artists asking me how to get their music out there. In looking at ways other artists were selling their music, I realized that they were primarily selling their music over the internet through online music distributors. I liked what these companies were doing, but found that they were not giving much value for the bands and artists¹ money. These companies were keeping most of the money and leaving the artists with too little. So I started Hit Music not just to help them keep their fair share, but to help them get their music out."

With so many online stores appearing every day, what make HitMusic different?

"We know that there are a lots of company out there. What makes HitMusic different is not just that we want to provide a complete package. We can for example help a band produce their DVD. We plan to showcase music videos on the Hit Music site, as well as webcast their music through an internet radio station. We are also planning a tour next year to promote with the best of the best bands and artists that are on Hit Music.

"In partnership with our sister company MediaEvolutions, Hit Music will provide bands and artists with the tools to attract the attention of labels. It all boils down to being a leader in our getting their music out to their fans and the industry."

How many artists have you signed up and which are the most notable?

"Hit Music is just now starting out. At this time, we have about ten on our site and about 30 more that have signed up. But we feel with all the good service we¹re offering, it is just a matter of time before we have many more. The most notable are Jezreel, Delirious, Sol Season, Eotribe just to name a few."

What role will giveaways have in the future in building the site?

Hit Music will always have giveaways for artist and band. We feel that these initiatives will help them with some of their important costs while helping them keep their fans. We know that fans are hard to come by and we want to help the band build loyalty and keep that buying their music. For the average band that can sell their music at any online company, it's a great way for us to thank you them for joining our family.

Where do you expect the online music retail business to be in the next year?

We see digital downloads as leading online sales that will continue to grow. They will let bands and artists make more sales while keeping their cost down but let there fan get there music know. Hit Music plans on being the leader on how on line music is sold. Yes, there are a growing number of bigger companies out there offering similar services, but they are not giving fan and bands value for their dollars and we will. With each band that signs up and each fan visit, we get closer to our goals as we grow with the band.

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