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 Jill Sobule - Live In Pittsburgh

Jill Sobule - Live In Pittsburgh When Jill Sobule is on stage with her guitar, warm vocals, and clever humor and wit, it all comes through beautifully in her music. You will witness an enjoyable concert that will surely leave you with a night full of memories. Although I was not there for her Live In Pittsburgh performance, watching this DVD gave me a comfortable front row seat. This enigmatic artisan with inexhaustible lexis and her guitar will mesmerize you in this performance.

How could you not smile when Sobule sings her glib and seemingly innocent “I Kissed A Girl,” or the shocking truth of “Billy’s Theme,” which is about a woman posing as a man all her life while bringing up her kids and nobody finding out the truth until she died. It sounds like something Lou Reed would sing with dry poetic justice. She owns every song entirely whilst advocating for females and the gay community.
“Karen By Night” is another thought provoking heart rending tune, featuring lyrics filled with envy and one person’s reality, or perhaps yours in some way, as you find a way of connecting it all in your own life while listening to this music. Twenty-five tracks is a generous helping of an artists’ catalog of music. By the time it ends, you will feel like you know Jill as if she was a best friend.

I listen to complex music at times through DVDs, CDs and SACDs, and the fact that this performance kept me captivated is saying a mouthful for the artist, considering she had no accompaniment whatsoever. The Club Café is a no frills venue, there is a starlit backdrop and a small intimate audience for the artist to perform for, which seems to be very agreeable, making for a special experience for the music lover. The acoustics are obviously excellent at the venue, as you will see when you listen to this performance. Once again, I found the production and camera work impeccable. Kudos to Merging Media for all their outstanding efforts to bring our attention to an outstanding artist that is not in the mainstream.

01. Intro
02. The Jig Is Up
03. Bitter
04. Clever
05. Now That I Don’t Have You
06. Trains
07. Thank Misery
08. Billy’s Theme
09. Mexican Wrestler
10. Big Shoes
11. Karen By Night
12. Resistance Song
13. The Last Line
14. Sonny Liston
15. Supermodel/Sister Christian
16. I Kissed A Girl
17. X-Gay Ministries
18. Kathie Lee
19. Somewhere In New Mexico
20. Vrbania Bridge
21. One of These Days
22. Freshman
23. Happy Town
24. When I Ship Comes In
25. Rock Me To Sleep

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Folk-Pop
Record Label: Merging Media

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