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 Helen Slater - One of These Days

Helen Slater - One of These Days You may recognize Helen Slater from her many different TV and movie appearances. Her roles in the world of visual media are impressive, ranging from appearances in movies such as “Billie Jean” and “Ruthless People,” and many others. Now with her latest album One of These Days, she has created another place of recognition for herself. While the medium of sound and creating images with her voice to tell a story may seem entirely different from what you see on the big screen, there are some obvious parallels. It is a way to communicate with the masses through a voice that speaks to people universally with lyrics and music; the images are conjured by the listeners’ imagination, developing as the recording runs through its paces.

Slater’s sweet and beautifully tender vocalizations will melt away your walls of defense and any negative energy around you, replacing it with warm smiles only a sincere and true artist can muster through singing a song.

The soft tinkering of the ivory keys and the smooth and delicate acoustic guitars create a stage for Slater’s voice. Picture a warm blanket of musical comfort, especially designed for her vocal style.

Here are some moving examples of her proclivity with the pen:

From “Greenland”

He comes like my shadow
With eyes like the sea
Strangely revealing those places in me tossed and torn
He broods like a dark storm

Or from “Love Comes In”

Love comes in simple packages
A smile on a baby
Raindrops in a tree
Taking the day off
A view of the sea

Very prolific words wrapped into a song, the music and her voice are what make all the words hold so much validity and power.

If she continues to put out recordings like this, she won’t be known as an actress for very much longer, that part of her career will take a backseat.

1. Greenland
2. Shoes
3. Typical
4. Touch And Go
5. Love Comes In
6. One Of These Days
7. Robin's Egg
8. Get Up
9. Remember Last Sunday
10. Home

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Pop
Release Date: Landsleit Records

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