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 Susan Barth - Wonderland

Susan Barth - Wonderland Susan Barth’s new CD is an unembellished Wonderland of emotions. It was the mood I was in that made this entire CD hit home. Having the feelings of sadness and disappointment with life lately made the lyrics strike with more impact than usual. I found Barth’s pop rock sojourns well played and produced. To reiterate, because of my state of mind, I think my reaction to what I was hearing was right in line with my thought process, so essentially the music fit the mood perfectly. I could honestly appreciate the voice of Barth and the efforts of her supporting cast as something of the essence. I felt subdued, which is not necessarily a bad thing; I cannot always be rocking and waving my fist in the air. I had to deal with what was going on inside me, this music forced me to reflect on my life, who I am, and what I have become, whether I liked it or not, only then I was able to get out of the funk I was stuck in.

Here are some excerpts from a few of the tracks…


Every morning I get up
I'm making my bed
Should be making my head
I go to work and now I'm feeling
Half past dead
Or so I've said…

Another verse…

Masquerading as someone
I'd like to be
But it just isn't me
Painting pictures,
Reading smart magazines
Hey I'm turning green

“Waking Up”

Waking up is a sure way
To ruin another perfect day
Of dreaming about what life could be
Oh don't you see
I'm like a prisoner in a cage
I go to work yet one more day
And I'm so tired that I might say
Hey go away…..

I can relate to those lyrics so well. I feel like a prisoner in a cage of my own making, now I must find the key to unlock the door…waking up indeed. Now those are some profound words that hit you straight between the eyes, don’t they?
This is what I call mellow pop rock. Although those of you that are accustomed to harder edged music will probably find that unappealing, I would encourage you to give this CD a chance and listen carefully. At first, I thought this music could use a little more oomph and power, but after listening to Barth’s vocal style, I don’t think cranking it up a few notches on the decibel level would suit her voice properly. Most importantly, you must look at the subject matter at face value, how the artist is conveying it to you on the receiving end. What ended up happening for this listener is that the music became a most pleasant backdrop to the lyrics. While soaking in all the words with the underlying soft bed of jangling guitars and beautiful harmonies provided by Barth and another standout woman vocalist that I have covered, Beth Thornley, the music was a perfect match for the lyrics painted on this unraveling canvas of emotions. I could really get inside Barth’s head and my own. This CD served as a tool for me to purge my soul. I know this sounds like real heady stuff for a pop-rock album but it really worked that way for me. I did listen intently to all of this and Barth’s message came delivered to me, kind of like my own personal carrier pigeon of the heart if you will.

You have to look at the entire picture and not just hear the music on Wonderland; you must feel the words too. In spirit, that is what the music of Susan Barth is.

01. Wonderland
02. Almost Did It
03. Matters
04. Over There
05. Grammys
06. Waking Up
07. So Tired Of You
08. After All
09. She's There
10.Losing My Way
11. It's Love

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop-Alternative
Record Label: Independent

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