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 Pete Teo - Rustic Living For Urbanites

Pete Teo - Rustic Living For Urbanites Perhaps the character on the cover of this CD needs some Rustic Living For Urbanites to get his head on straight, or on at all. Pete Teo’s new album tells tales of loving and living and all the emotions that make our daily lives so interesting. I had never experienced listening to this artist before but when I saw the name Ronan Chris Murphy on the back of the CD as producer, an artist that I never heard before got instant recognition followed by expectations of an excellent musical experience. Why you ask? Well I am aware of Murphy’s work, and interviewed I him not so long ago. I know what kind of quality he demands in the studio. As I expected this recording was no exception to those high standards.

Teo is an artist-poet-musician in the truest sense of the word. His songs are stories set to engaging and irresistible rhythms via strumming acoustic guitars and haunting Chinese instruments such as the erhu, which sounds similar to a violin. His voice captures the meaning of each track while the tone of his inflection makes each composition a poetic musical voyage that creates thought provoking images. I am sure that is what Teo’s goal is, to make all of this happen for the listener so you can then become one with the storyline. I found it easy to do so because his music and lyrics are so prolific. The man practices what he preaches (as in the title) and discards digital manipulations while recording this acoustic masterpiece, thus the sound produced is natural, clear and concise.

A girl named Marianne seems to be the object all of Teo’s affection and passionate words while the rest of the tracks wrap themselves around your heart, as this woman keeps walking into the film running in your minds eye. “Rhapsody In Blue” is the best and most catchy track-full of sex, fear, truth, and the warning that it’s evil to be on your own on a dark night.

Pete Teo wears his heart on his sleeve, bearing his soul for all to see and observe as this album progresses. The music and his voice are in complete agreement at all times, which makes this album exactly what it is, poetry in motion with the soundtrack to put emphasis on the storyline. If you have lost your head lately and need to get back to reality with both feet on the ground, this CD offers wonderful music with sobering thoughts to help you get there.

1. Arms Of Marianne (4:54)
2. Budapest (3:32)
3. Jesselton Tonight (5:00)
4. Alive 'N Free (6:35)
5. Rhapsody In Blue (4:57)
6. Marianne Called (5:05)
7. Blue (6:40)
8. Where've The Years Gone? (4:29)
9. The Red House (7:15)
10. Hush Marianne (6:23)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Folk-Alternative
Record Label: Redbag Music

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