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 Sweet - Glitz, Blitz & Hitz

Sweet - Glitz, Blitz & Hitz

Glitz, Blitz & Hitz is a 92-minute documentary DVD of the glam rock band Sweet. Creem Magazine (yes it is coming back) and Music Video Distributors Inc. have joined forces to pay tribute to one of the true pioneers and legends of glam rock. I remember saving my paper route money and thumbing a ride to the record store in the middle of the winter to pick up my copy of Ballroom Blitz. The title song and “Fox On The Run” knocked me out and I wanted more! I got it with that album, what a solid recording it was. It stands up to this day as a hard rock classic with few rivals.

The lineup that left behind a legacy of great music was Brian Connolly (vocals), Mick Tucker (vocals, drums), Andy Scott (guitar) and Steve Priest (bass). Connelly died of a stroke, more than likely caused by years of alcohol abuse, in 1999, and Mick Tucker succumbed to leukemia in 2002.

The interview segments on the DVD feature guitarist Andy Scott, producer/manager Phil Wainman, and songwriter Nicky Chinn (1/2 of the famed Chinn/Chapman songwriting/production team). All of the men are very candid about the band and the events that took place that transformed them from a bubblegum act to a stadium rock band. The performances are old lip-synced footage, sometimes poor, but in any case enjoyable. I found it very pleasing to watch the band go through all of their campy gyrations on stage, it was very enjoyable for me as I never had the opportunity to see them perform live when they were at their peak when the Ballroom Blitz and Give Us A Wink albums were climbing up the charts. Members of the band were all unique individuals and stars at their positions. When you listen to albums after their bubblegum phase (Little Willy, Funny, Funny) you are reminded that they were indeed fantastically talented musicians.

I found myself completely absorbed by this DVD and when it was over I started looking for all of my Sweet CDs, it always happens that way. This is necessary purchase if you are a fan of Sweet music and interested in the beginnings of glam rock.

1. Slow Motion
2. Funny, Funny
3. Co-Co
4. Poppa Joe
5. Little Willie
6. Wig Wam Bam
7. Blockbuster!
8. Hell Raiser
9. Ballroom Blitz
10. Teenage Rampage
11. The Six Teens
12. Turn It Down
13. Fox On The Run
14. Action
15. Love Is Like Oxygen

Bonus Includes Discography and Band Profiles

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Pop/Rock, Glitter
Record Label: Music Video Distributors Inc.

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