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 Beggarz - Days Come Easy

Beggarz - Days Come Easy Is this the second coming of the Rolling Stones? I was duly impressed to believe so after to listening to the Beggarz (Did I hear somebody say Beggar’s Banquet?) release “Days Come Easy.” Wait until you hear “Under The Dog,” it is blues-rock that reigns supreme! Adam Cassidy may sound like Jagger but he also has his own style with something else I just cannot seem to nail down. I found familiarity and recognition with this music all over the place on this CD, in both the words and the sounds.

This is the kind of music that sounds like it was chiseled by the instruments, like an artist taking a granite block and creating a work of art, its not artsy mind you, just purposeful like its was made for the lyrics and the singer. It especially fits the genre that it falls into and the persona of the band perfectly. The final product is a foundation of the blues built upon rock to create a fortress of music that is powerful and magnetic, just like it sounds. It does sound so high and mighty, but if the shoe fits…wear it. This kind of energy is a real turn on for me. It has a nervous edge to it and the hunger of the musicians is in every note while the rambunctious lead singer lets the lyrics roll of his tongue as if he were the savior of music itself. Very heady stuff you say? Not really, it is basic down and dirty blues-rock with a kick that stays with you for a long while after that little shiny disc of metal and plastic stop spinning.

If you let this music kick in, you will most certainly remember other great blues-rock groups you have heard in the past. I can see them as a new an upcoming force in music and I can guarantee the CD will move you in some way. If it does not, then you had better check the obituaries to see if you are in them.

This was a lot of fun to listen to; it restored my faith in modern music, which at times wanes.
This CD comes exceedingly recommended by this writer, blues and rock lovers worldwide will love it.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Blues-Rock

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