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 Jack Blades - Self-Titled

Jack Blades - Self-Titled The name Jack Blades receives instant recognition as a bass player/vocalist for his work with Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, and various projects he has contributed to over the years. After decades of his top-flight offerings to rock music, the time has arrived for Blades to step into the limelight as a solo artist. Jack Blades puts the spotlight on his own talents and a few household names as well. Damn Yankees pal Tommy Shaw (Styx) adds his distinctive voice and guitar while another legend with a storied past contributes, Neal Schon (Santana, Journey), and the old chemistry of Night Ranger enters the mix with guitar man Brad Gillis adding a few of his own licks. Having such wonderful talent perform on your first solo album lends that much more credibility to your cause, not that Blades needs any more credibility, that is a given. His choice of musical partners is impeccable. They add their special touch to an all around fine production.

When a cover tune is impressive, you know you are listening to an album with plenty of gas to go the entire ride, and “Nature’s Way” is excellent. When in many instances a cover tune is thrown in for fun and filler, this is a legitimate contender for a single, as are many other tracks, such as the opener “Shine On” with Tommy Shaw, it is a real rocker with a melodic sense that you would expect from performers such as Blades and Shaw. At times, I heard Zeppelinesque power chords take shape and it seemed Jack’s bass could have been more out front in the mix. Although getting the sound he was looking for probably could not be accomplished using that kind of approach or recording method. With someone like Jack Bruce for instance, who plays an entirely different style and genre of music, that is entirely possible. Regardless of that thought, this is a great rock album with many songs that have a propensity to stay with you…leaving you wanting for more. Inevitably, you find yourself giving the CD another spin, even if you were expecting to hear Jack’s bass as the main instrument. This great rock album will push Blades to another level and give people reason to look back on his career more closely.

You do get what you would expect from this album, great rock music one track after another. I am certain that this album will be received well by critics and fans alike, which will put Jack Blades “On Top Of The World.”

1. Shine On
2. Sea Of Emotions
3. We Are The One’s
4. Sometimes You Gotta Have Faith
5. Nature’s Way
6. Who You Want To Be
7. Someday
8. Alone Tonight
9. On Top Of The World
10. Breaking It Down
11. To Touch The Sky

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Sanctuary Records

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