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 Blondie - The Curse Of Blondie (Enhanced)

Blondie - The Curse Of Blondie (Enhanced) I would be willing to bet you thought that Deborah Harry and Blondie had seen better days. Well if you thought that, and I did myself, there is reason to celebrate that miscalculation. The Curse Of Blondie is a new album that will put to rest any doubt that this band still has what it takes and then some to create vital rock-pop music with an edge. The 1999 album No Exit was their last studio recording and it seems that the title was a literal statement in reference to their career, which is now reborn (again) in 2004.

Harry is looking good for a woman her age and the band behind her has not lost a step either, they rock with conviction with the alternative-pop pensiveness that made them international stars in the ‘70’s.

“Shakedown” picks up where “Rapture” left off with a down and dirty in the streets rockin’ rap with lyrics that you can feel with the passion only someone like Harry can muster. Then “Good Boys,” a single that is bound to climb the charts (also added as a creative and entertaining video as a bonus on this CD) has a marvelous up-tempo beat with dark and razor sharp lyrics, the Blondie trademark. It is all punctuated by killer guitar riffs and pulsating keyboards, and another rap segment that takes it all to another level and atmosphere that few bands could manage to attain much less get away with. For straight between the eyes rock “Last One on the Planet” is about as tough as it gets, whew! This band is so talented that they could take their music in any direction they choose. Make no mistake about, these people are smart, they have it covered for all the generations that have been listening to their music since the ‘70’s. The alternative and modern sound, strong rock guitar, with tidbits of rap and just enough pop to smooth out the edges makes for very marketable music. There are a few syrupy fluffy moments like on “Songs of Love,” but for the most part, it is all archetypal Blondie. I have to say that I absolutely loved this album.

As far as I am concerned, Deborah Harry is one of the greatest voices in rock music history and Blondie broke some major ground not only for a woman fronting a band but also for punk/new wave music as an entity. You have to love lines from tracks like “Golden Rod”…drinking the poison, taking it happily…does it get anymore blatant and straightforward than that? I love Harry’s badass sexy naughty girl persona, which she has managed to keep intact after all these years, you can still hear that devil-may-care attitude coming through in every song. Yes, Blondie really nailed it down on this album, it is a superb production with a ton of great music that you will love…I promise. Assuming you are a true rock fan you will not want to miss this album and all the remastered albums released by Capitol in 2001, get them all, you will be glad you did.

1. Shake Down - 5:05
2. Good Boys - 4:18
3. Undone - 4:28
4. Golden Rod - 5:23
5. Rules for Living - 5:12
6. Background Melody (The Only One) - 3:54
7. Magic (Asadoya Unta) - 4:05
8. End to End - 3:59
9. Hello Joe - 4:06
10. The Tingler - 3:52
11. Last One on the Planet - 4:31
12. Diamond Bridge - 4:07
Bonus Video - Good Boys

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Sanctuary Records

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