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 American Popular - Sold Out (The American Way)

American Popular - Sold Out (The American Way) Lawrence Santiago’s Axl Rose (Guns ‘n’ Roses) meets Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil) vocals is a match made in heaven for the hard driving rockin’ sound of the band he fronts, American Popular. “Sold Out (The American Way”) is a knock-yer-socks off kick ass album with no bullshit allowed. Besides, who has the time for that when you can play as good as these guys do? Nothing new going on here, it is just straight ahead hard rock music minus all the extra polish and glitter that often is added to some records to enhance their sound and cover up what a group really sounds like. Their approach is obviously to get in the studio, play their asses off, record the tracks, then let people listen. It works very well for them. The are like the spontaneous combustion that happens inside an engine, the only difference is there is not a muffler to silence the noise nor anything to keep the flames from coming out.

Santiago’s voice is very flexible for a hard rock singer, he can scream, set a softer pace, or maintain an immense energy level with seemingly no effort. The music must carry him to that lofty level of vocal prowess. With the locomotive rhythm section of Marc Jordan (drums) and Kevin Roberts (bass) to drive it home with the support of Pat Yongkittikul’s crankin’ scorching licks on his six-string, it completes the four piece juggernaut’s full sound. The variety of metal played is exciting…rock, hard rock, metal, and all of the above come into the equation offering a variety of listener’s different decibel levels. For those that like their music hard, fast and loud or a mish mash of all levels of intensity, it is here on this CD. They never loose their hard-core edge and their sound is comparable to what a live in the studio recording would be.

“My Therapy” was my favorite, no surprise there, because I need therapy on a regular basis, musical that is. In truth, all the songs were great! If you need to blow the roof off your house or your noggin, this will do the trick. In a world full of sell outs that give up their beliefs and original sound just to make it in the music biz, American Popular do it their own way, the American independent music way.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock

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