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 The Silvermen - Incendiary Luminary...

The Silvermen - Incendiary Luminary... The Silvermen are my kind of group! On Incendiary Luminary this amazing trio steps into many different musical persuasions. Rock, rockabilly, country, surf-spy and blues are all explored, sometimes all within the same song. I would be willing to bet that they are a blast to witness live.

“Monkey Tooth” and “Guitari 2600” (a nod to The Ventures?) are my favorites. They are animated instrumentals with elements of surf-spy, swing, and the ever-present rockabilly tone and flair to give it a charge of color and character that no other recorded music has, it is certainly a distinctive and engaging sound. Instrumentals are but one facet of this multi-talented trio. The focus of the instrumental is to display the great musicianship a band commands, and the tracks are real knockouts. Their vocal tracks are excellent as well. The lead off track “Lawman” is like an eight cylinder hemi engine that just filled up with high test, one touch on the pedal and you are off burnin’ rubber all the way down the street! The best way to describe this band is that they are pure swingin’ fun! I say that with a big old smile from ear to ear. If your feet are not moving to this vibe, you had better check the obituaries to see if you are in there because this music is hopping! “Jangle Ball Hawk” is real hoot; I do not think I have ever heard a seasonal tune with that much juice behind it before, what a great tune!

Hey, every song is killer, plain and simple folks. This fantastic CD will keep your joint jumpin’ from sunrise to will give you happy feet, guaranteed. What a cool band with a great sound!

1. Lawman (3:58)
2. She Doesn't Walk (4:10)
3. Rocket (2:49)
4. Monkey Tooth(4:14)
5. My Girl (2:00)
6. One Leg (3:59)
7. Love Shakin' Blues Playin' King (2:52)
8. Jangle Bull Rawk (3:23)
9. Guitari 2600 (3:25)
10. My Can't Help It (3:48)
11.'57 Starchief (3:15)
12. Ray Gun (3:28)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock, Rockabilly, Blues, Country, Surf-Spy
Record Label: Silvermen Music

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