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 Prosper - Our Own EP

Prosper - Our Own EP Prosper is young and vibrant power-pop-alternative-rock trio with a truckload of talent in the ideal position for growth and maturity. I cannot say that about every band I hear these days. The fact that they are a rock trio certainly does not leave a lot to the imagination, but for these youngsters there is nothing but hope and a full-length album down the road to really put them over the top and get them some attention. This EP does the job though; it is a sample for what lies ahead.

Our Own EP beams with the pride of their accomplishments in the studio, and they should be proud. An early Joe Jackson came to mind a few times while absorbing the general tone and attitude of this music; it pops and crackles with the youthful abandon of Indie rock. It is all harnessed and delivered with passion and feeling via vocals and instrumentation that is quite impressive for such young talent.

The one song that really got my attention was the one without words, the entirely instrumental outing titled “Our Own Instrumental.” This is a fantastic showcase for the band, having already proven that they could construct a tune and sing with the previous three songs, this provided a killer look into the other side of their world, complete with all the hooks to prompt you to play it over and over. I like what I hear and look forward to the future for this band.

1. Blonde Bombshell (3:52)
2. Our Own (5:07)
3. Cabride (4:09)
4. Our Own Instrumental (Secret Song)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Power Pop-Alternative
Record Label: Independent

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